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Debra began painting murals at a young age in her family's basement, this time with mother's approval (after painting a non-toxic watercolor scene on her brother's back during a rainy fishing vacation). Soon moving on to painting on glass, wood, stone, metal, basically any material that didn't move. Her first sizeable project remains close to her heart until this day - painting a 50 foot hallway mural of geometrics with her high school classmate, and now art professor, Carol Fritsch. During a mix of co-ed and special-ed physical education class, she witnessed for the first time the treatment of the "slower" students. Adjoining the P.E. area, she saw where these special students studied and found the walls dark and gloomy.

She approached her art instructor Mrs. Lewis with an idea, and with school board approval, the girls spent weeks of after-school time striking plumb lines and painting vibrant colors on the walls with "watchful eyes." To this day, tears fill her eyes remembering the expressions of the kids, with their new colorful and inspiring rooms. At last they were truly special and an interior designer was born.

Debra received her degree in Interior Design, and thirty years later, is still working on homes in Chicago, St. Louis, Florida, California, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Illinois.

One of her favorite projects was decorating John Travolta’s home at the holidays, while residing in Florida. Present day, she finds working with tiles to be her passion. Debra resides in her studio and remains active in her community both civically and professionally: Habitat For Humanity, Haitian Hearts, Catholic Diocese, House of Hope, YMCA, Girl Scouts of America, Mansion in May Tours, Opera Walk, Yule Walk, West Bluff Tour, Loft Tours, Home Builders Association of Orlando, FL and Peoria, IL, Riverfront Development, the first Lofts in Peoria, IL at 401 Water Street, MAXAM/INPLAY, Twin Tours, and Eastport Marina, OSF St Francis Hospital, and International Wall, Paso de los Libres, Corrientes Argentina (